Why ElliptiGO


There is simply no other device that provides a low-impact, full-body, time-efficient workout that is as fun and comfortable as an ElliptiGO bike. If you’re a current or former runner, fitness enthusiast or just want to enjoy exercising outside, you’re going to love your ElliptiGO. There’s nothing else like it.

How Do ElliptiGO Bikes Compare?

ElliptiGO Bikes vs. Running While riding ElliptiGO bikes and running both deliver a great, time-efficient workout, ElliptiGO bikes have the advantage of being low-impact, which dramatically reduces stress on the body and decreases the likelihood of injury. They also provide a full-body workout, unlike running which focuses on the legs.

ElliptiGO Bikes vs. Cycling While cycling and riding ElliptiGO bikes are both low-impact exercises, ElliptiGO bikes have the advantages of burning 33% more calories than traditional bikes, delivering a full-body workout and eliminating the seat, back, neck and wrist pain associated with traditional cycling.

ElliptiGO Bikes vs. Elliptical Trainer Fitness enthusiasts who love the indoor elliptical trainer prefer ElliptiGO bikes because they can get the elliptical trainer experience outside. And when the weather isn’t cooperating, they can hook up their ElliptiGO to our stationary trainer and not miss a beat.

The Data Behind the Benefits


University-based researchers have published several studies on ElliptiGO bikes. In short, they found that riding our bikes burns 33% more calories than a regular bike and provides a workout benefit that is very similar to running.

University of California research showed riding an ElliptiGO burns 33% more calories than riding a traditional bike at the same speed

Study participants burned more than 1000 calories per hour riding ElliptiGO bikes

“Pool running or the stationary bike/elliptical can get pretty boring. The ElliptiGO has been a refreshing addition to my training regimen. It’s the closest thing to actually going for a run.”

Chanelle Price Professional Track Athlete

“After a torn hamstring caused me to miss the Olympic Trials, the ElliptiGO became a huge tool for me and carried my fitness through two pregnancies and achieving the Olympic A Standard in the 10K.”

Sara Slattery Former Professional Runner and College Track & Field Coach, Grand Canyon University

“You have to be smart about the way you're running mileage and listen to your body in the process. Effective run-specific cross-training like ElliptiGO is the best way to transition into higher training volumes and prevent your body from breaking down.”

Kyle Merber Professional Track Athlete

“By translating all of my planned running sessions into ElliptiGO sessions, I was able to continue training through an 8-week metatarsal stress fracture, and finish 4th at the USATF Championships.”

Sarah Brown Former Professional Runner

Our Bikes

Our two product families provide different riding experiences:

Elliptical bikes have a gentle long-stride motion that feels like running on air.

Stand up bikes have a circular pedaling motion and offer a more comfortable and superior workout compared to a traditional bike.

Both deliver a low-impact, full-body workout that burns 33% more calories than a traditional bike. Which family is right for you depends on how much you’ll benefit from the elliptical pedaling motion.

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"Whether you want to improve your running performance or reduce your risk for injury, the ElliptiGO is an effective training tool to help you on your journey."
"You can torch more than 300-600 calories in just a half hour."
"The ElliptiGO delivers the high-performance benefits of running, cycling, and the ellipitical with little to no impact on your joints."
"You can go really fast on an ElliptiGO, and there is a sense of weightlessness while riding it. You are guaranteed to have fun on board."
"ElliptiGO bikes are the closest you can get to running."
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Thousands of current and former runners ride ElliptiGO bikes to stay healthy, improve endurance and avoid injuries. It feels like “Running on Air.”

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Break free from the gym! ElliptiGO bikes deliver the best low-impact, full-body cardio workout to help you achieve your fitness goals. And did we say FUN!

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Train year-round with the ElliptiGO Fluid 365 Stationary Trainer designed for all ElliptiGO bikes.

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